Francesca Angrisano

Fabrizio & Giorgia

The marriage of Fabrizio and Giorgia was an intense flow of tears, those of the groom in particular, it is not often
to see a man move so much and I find it a beautiful thing, of a total sincerity of mind, Fabrizio cried even when
they reviewed together all the 2000 photos I gave him, and for me it was a great way to thank me, sometimes it’s
just so little, a small gesture is worth more than many words. Their marriage was a beautiful example of elegance
and sobriety, a perfect combination of class and classicism. A beautiful villa nestled in the Roman countryside of
ancient Appia, a table full of flowers and details of taste, great food, good wine, laughter of friends and a beautiful
party to close a perfect day. Giorgia and Fabrizio are really beautiful and for me to tell them, to live their emotions,
it was a dream, it was not an honor, it was beautiful.
Thank you guys, I love you very much.

Enjoy the story.

Torna Su