About Me

Francesca Angrisano


Hi! I’m Francesca,
I’m a professional wedding photographer since ten years, but I started to study in 1998 at I.E.D. in Roma.
I love to shoot weddings because in them I find every kind of photography: portraits, fashion, landscape, still life, reportage and especially because I can capture the real emotions of the couples in a very special moment of their life. I like doing it in my way, looking for the unreal, the indefinite, the poetry of colors and the magic of black and white. I love what I do immensely, and I always look for a way to improve myself, I never stop studying and amaze myself even in front of yet another sunset.
When I’m not working, I take care of my children, I do pilates, running, cooking, and I look for inspiration in art and in everything that surrounds me.
Please take a look to my work and if you’ll fall in love with my pictures Well! we’re ready to get acquainted, I can’t wait to listen your story!

please contact me by filling out this form or writing an email to info@effeanfotografie.it