Francesca Angrisano

Waiting for Emanuela

This was on May 9th.

“This past weekend marked a turning point in this long quarantine, I finally got back to work.
And I did it in Milan, despite the contrary opinion of many. Instead, not only we can do it for work
obviously but everything went very well and I’m happy to have done it. And actually I was so
keen to take pictures that I went home with 1700 photos. 😅 I captured a lovely family with a
little girl arriving and it was so amazing.
And if it is true that for this year weddings will probably be very very few, it is equally true that
portrait sessions can be done, in the parks or at home, always with due attention and respect
for the regulations. So if you want to book your session, write to me, or even if you want to
make a gift, write me.”

So this is the beautiful session made in Milan. Enjoy the story.

Torna Su