Francesca Angrisano

Radi + Rori. Borgo di Castelvecchio. 27.7.19

“Loved them Francesca – you are the best.  Your style is incredible and Rory and I, and my parents, are very happy.
Thank you so much for taking wonderful photos xxx”

These are the kind words of my beautiful bride Radi after they saw the pictures of their wedding, and this make me
feel so honoured and happy and my heart melts with emotion, thank you Radi and Rori for wanting me with you.

It was a rainy day on the wedding day of Radi and Rori, but probably one of my favourite weddings ever.
Surely my first indian wedding, and this is why I loved it so intensly. MoreoverTuscany is always a great
stunning venue for every event and I’m happy to have had two weddings there this year, hope for more
the next year.

Enjoy the story (very long this time)

Torna Su