Francesca Angrisano

Fréle Coquillage

“The organic and symbolic shape of the shell is the inspiration for this shooting.
Emblem of love and marriage, it is a symbol of prosperity and rebirth.
It looks fragile but protects.
On these symbolisms comes the collaboration with Sabine Pagliarulo, an artist
whose ceramic works speak about these fragile shells that guard life and symbolize
the power of love.
Her pieces of art have been placed in a context where everything
resembles the shape of the shell.
From the roses of Sartoria Floreale that look like small shells bloomed from the sand, to the dress
shape of Silvia Moretta Wed Lab reminding the organic scallops of a shell. The accessories of
Guinevere Vines look like corals coming from the sea and the pearls of Black and Coral jewelry
have come out from a shell as a gift of love.
The atmosphere created by Francesca Angrisano is rich of feelings, enveloping and romantic.
It reminds of the Venus birth, goddess of  love, created by the sea foam and brought
ashore on a shell.
Colors are the white that stand out upon the brown of sand and rocks like a precious
shell found on the sand
Fragile but guardian of life and love.”

This is the presentation of my last project. Another inspiration came from the sea, from the colour of
the sand and the shape of a shell. I have to thank the seven beautiful women who helped me to realize
this magic.
(It was a very very very cold day, a special thanks to Sara, the model, for her strenght and for the patience)

Torna Su