Francesca Angrisano


They are Fabrizio and Adriano and are my sons. Well it’s obviously easy (I know) to say that they are beautiful
because I’m the mother. They are my first job, my main daily commitment and I do it with everlasting love.
But, this session doesn’t want to be a sort of poetic dedication of love but a proof of my abilities after the workshop
in Portugal, I did it to try what were changed in my vision, in my work, I did it just after my return to home in April.
Yes I know what you think, I’m pretending to be a professional and serious photographer but the reality is that they
missed me and I really wanted to capture them in a moment where I was so happy, because the other thing I learnd
by the workshop is that “when you’re comfortable and relax and happy in your mind with yourself, you’re able to do
your best work!”

Torna Su