Francesca Angrisano

Legacy Workshop. Portugal.

“It was a dream come true, a great desire to be able to participate in the Legacy workshop, especially this year when
there were so many of the photographers that inspired me, and it was a discovery to understand how someone who
makes a kind of photo away from mine can make you see differently and open your eyes to his world. I was inspired
and now I am full of gratitude for what I experienced. I bring strong emotions home, for a few days maybe even a
little sadness and still a bit of confusion but so much desire to do well. And the confirmation at the end that
I love my job more and more.”

This is what I writed coming back home from this great experience, and now that more time is passed I can also say
that this workshop gave me more than I could ever imagine. New friends first of all! And then I could say that it
changed my work but it’s not totally true because “I” changed my work. I could say that I see in a different way
but that’s not true, I learned how much I want to learn yet. I learned how much beauty we can create and how much
beautiful is to do it. I learned that the “unreal” is more fascinating that the real, and at the end I understood how
much I’m lucky to have found a job so special.
Once more time, thanks Legacy, and a special thanks to Muse and Mirror, Joel and Justina, Cafa Liu, The Framers
and to all the amazing photographers I lived those days with.
These are some of the pictures I love more from the workshop.



Torna Su